The workflowr package helps you create a research website using R Markdown and Git.


Run browseVignettes("workflowr") to read the package vignettes locally. Alternatively you can read the documentation online at

Main workflowr functions


Start a workflowr project.


Build the site to view locally.


Publish analyses to include in the website.


Report status of analysis files.

Supporting workflowr functions

For further information on workflowr, see the help pages for these functions:


More technical details about how individual R Markdown files are converted to webpages, and how the rendering settings can be customized.


This help page explains how project-wide rendering settings can be customized in the _site.yml file.

Package options

The following package options affect the default behavior of the workflowr functions. To permanently set any of these options, add a call to the function options in the file .Rprofile at the root of your workflowr project. For example:

# Do not use Git executable
options(workflowr.sysgit = "")

A logical indicating whether workflowr functions should automatically save files open in the RStudio editor before running. The default is TRUE. This requires RStudio 1.1.287 or later. Only files that have been previously saved are affected. In other words, unnamed files will be ignored.


The path to the system Git executable. This is occasionally used to increase the speed of Git operations performed by workflowr. By default it is set to the first Git executable on the search path. You can specify a path to a different Git executable. Alternatively you can disable this behavior entirely by setting it to the empty string "".


A logical indicating whether workflowr functions should open webpages for viewing in the browser. The default is set to interactive (i.e. it is TRUE only if it is an interactive R session). This option is currently used by wflow_build, wflow_git_push, and wflow_publish.


Maintainer: John Blischak (ORCID)


  • Peter Carbonetto (ORCID)

  • Matthew Stephens (ORCID)

Other contributors:

  • Luke Zappia (Instructions for hosting with GitLab) [contributor]

  • Pierre Formont (Support for hosting with Shiny Server) [contributor]

  • Tim Trice (Instructions for sharing common code) [contributor]

  • Jiaxiang Li (Function wflow_toc() to create table of contents) [contributor]

  • Michael J. Kane (ORCID) (Option suppress_report) [contributor]

  • Anh Tran (Updated RStudio Project Template) [contributor]

  • Sydney Purdue (Improved wflow_start() error handling) [contributor]

  • Giorgio Comai (Added argument only_published to wflow_toc()) [contributor]

  • Zaynaib Giwa (Multiple enhancements) [contributor]

  • Xiongbing Jin (Fixed bug in versions table for figures) [contributor]

  • Yihui Xie (ORCID) (Design advice; maintenance) [contributor]