wflow_view displays the website locally in your browser or the RStudio Viewer pane.

wflow_view(files = NULL, latest = FALSE, dry_run = FALSE, project = ".")



character (default: NULL). Name(s) of the specific file(s) to view. These can be either the name(s) of the R Markdown file(s) in the analysis directory or the HTML file(s) in the docs directory. Supports file globbing.


logical (default: FALSE). Display the HTML file with the most recent modification time (in addition to those specified in files). If files = NULL and latest = FALSE, then index.html is viewed.


logical (default: FALSE). Do not actually view file(s). Mainly useful for testing.


character (default: ".") By default the function assumes the current working directory is within the project. If this is not true, you'll need to provide the path to the project directory.


An object of class wflow_view, which is a list with the following elements:


The input argument files (converted to relative paths).


The input argument latest.


The input argument dry_run.


Logical indicating if a default browser has been set. If FALSE, no HTML files can be opened. This is determined by the value returned by getOption("browser").


The HTML files opened by wflow_view.


wflow_view by default displays the file index.html. To view the most recently modified HTML file, set latest = TRUE. To specify which file(s) to view, specify either the name(s) of the R Markdown or HTML file(s).

wflow_view uses browseURL to view the HTML files in the browser. If you wish to do something non-traditional like view an HTML file that is not in the docs directory or not part of a workflowr project, you can use that function directly.

If wflow_view is run in the RStudio IDE and only one file has been requested to be viewed, the file is displayed in the RStudio Viewer.

If R has no default browser set (determined by getOption("browser")), then wflow_view cannot open any HTML files. See browseURL for setup instructions.

See also


if (FALSE) {

# View index.html

# View the most recently modified HTML file
wflow_view(latest = TRUE)

# View a file by specifying the R Markdown file

# View a file by specifying the HTML file

# View multiple files
wflow_view(c("fname1.Rmd", "fname2.Rmd"))