wflow_remove removes files. If the file to be removed is an R Markdown file, the corresponding HTML and other related files are also removed. If the workflowr project uses Git, wflow_remove commits the changes.

wflow_remove(files, message = NULL, git = TRUE, dry_run = FALSE, project = ".")



character. Files to be removed. Supports file globbing.


character (default: NULL). A commit message.


logical (default: TRUE). Commit the changes (only applicable if Git repository is present).


logical (default: FALSE). Preview the files to be removed but do not actually remove them.


character (default: ".") By default the function assumes the current working directory is within the project. If this is not true, you'll need to provide the path to the project directory.


An object of class wflow_remove, which is a list with the following elements:

  • files: The relative path(s) to the removed file(s).

  • message: The message describing the commit (if applicable).

  • dry_run: The input argument dry_run.

  • commit:The object returned by git2r::commit (only included if dry_run == FALSE).

  • files_git: The relative path(s) to the file(s) removed from the Git repository.

See also


if (FALSE) {

# Remove a single file
wflow_remove("analysis/file.Rmd", "Remove old analysis.")
# Remove multiple files
wflow_remove(c("analysis/file.Rmd", "output/small-data.txt"),
             "Remove old analysis and its associated data.")