This is the post_knit function that wflow_html passes to the function output_format from the package rmarkdown. For advanced usage only.

wflow_post_knit(metadata, input_file, runtime, encoding, ...)



The metadata specified in the YAML header of the R Markdown file


Name of R Markdown file


The runtime target for rendering. The static option produces output intended for static files; shiny produces output suitable for use in a Shiny document (see run). The default, auto, allows the runtime target specified in the YAML metadata to take precedence, and renders for a static runtime target otherwise.


Ignored. The encoding is always assumed to be UTF-8.


arguments passed to the post_knit function of rmarkdown::html_document


If you'd like to combine workflowr with another R Markdown output format, you may need to use wflow_post_knit. This function fixes the path to the R Markdown file (which is manipulated by wflow_pre_knit).