wflow_open opens R Markdown files in RStudio and sets the working directory to the knit directory (see Details). If a file does not exist, a minimal one is created.

wflow_open(files, change_wd = TRUE, edit_in_rstudio = TRUE, project = ".")



character. R Markdown file(s) to open. Files must have the extension Rmd or rmd. Supports file globbing. Set project = NULL to create an R Markdown file outside of the R Markdown directory of a workflowr project.


logical (default: TRUE). Change the working directory to the knit directory. If project = NULL, the working directory is not changed.


logical (default: TRUE). Open the file(s) in the RStudio editor.


character (or NULL). By default the function assumes the current working directory is within the project. If this is not true, you'll need to provide the path to the project directory. Set project = NULL if running this command to create a file for a non-workflowr project.


An object of class wflow_open, which is a list with the following elements:


The input argument files as absolute paths.


The input argument change_wd.


The input argument edit_in_rstudio.


The knit directory (see wflow_html for details). This is NULL if project was set to NULL.


The working directory in which wflow_open was executed.


The working directory that wflow_open changed to. The value is NULL if the working directory was not changed.


The subset of the input argument files that were newly created. Paths are absolute.


wflow_open is a convenience function to make it easier to begin working, especially when starting a new analysis. First, it creates a new file if necessary and tries to make educated guesses about metadata like the title, author, and date. Second, it sets the working directory to the knit directory. The knit directory is where the code in the R Markdown files is executed, and may be defined via the field knit_root_dir in the file _workflowr.yml (see wflow_html for all the details). If this field is not defined, then the knit directory is the R Markdown directory. Third, it opens the file(s) in RStudio if applicable. The latter two side effects can be turned off if desired.

If you would like to create an R Markdown file with wflow_open for an analysis that is not part of a workflowr project, set project = NULL. Otherwise wflow_open will throw an error. Note that the working directory is not changed when project = NULL.


if (FALSE) {
# Multiple files
wflow_open(c("analysis/model-data.Rmd", "analysis/another-analysis.Rmd"))
# Open all R Markdown files
# Create an R Markdown file in a non-worklowr project
wflow_open("model-data.Rmd", project = NULL)